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Stop Talkin' Trash!


Recycle and Win!  Learn more here.

If you live in the city of Dayton, it's easy to recycle at home! 

It costs you nothing and it is as easy as tossing newspapers, plastic bottles or other recyclables in a recycling bin instead of a trash can. All you have to do is use your FREE City of Dayton recycling bin (you can choose the 96-gallon “Big Bin” or the 32-gallon “Lil’ Bin"). 

Recycling saves more than just the environment--it saves the community lots of money, too. It costs the City of Dayton $38.25 for every ton of regular garbage sent to a landfill.  However, there is no cost for us to dispose of our recycling products, since we now exceed 500 tons a month.  But our goal is to reach 1,000 tons a month to remove that much more trash from the regular waste stream,which further reduces our landfill costs. Reaching 1,000 tons would collectively save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year! All it takes is more participation by people like you! (Click to see last month's total recycling collection weight in comparison to our 1,000 ton goal.)

o…Don't Talk Trash...Recycle! For more information, or to start recycling TODAY, call 937-333-4800.











- Sign Up for a Free 32-gallon recycling containter or 96-gallon Big Bin

- Find Recycling, Waste and Leaf Pick-up Schedules for Your Address

- View Waste & Recycling Schedules by Neighborhood

- View Holiday Waste Collection Schedules for Dayton, Jefferson Twp. and Riverside


Recycle These:

... PLASTICS CODED 1 THROUGH 7 are recyclable

... NO FOOD OR LIQUIDS should be included in recycled paper or containers

... RINSE containers before placing in recycling bins

... REMOVE and discard caps and lids

... NEWSPAPERS are permitted in your recycling container

 ...PLACE RECYCLING CONTAINERS at least 5 feet from waste containers on pickup day

The Montgomery County Solid Waste District also provides area residents with a variety of recycling, recovery, litter prevention, reuse and disposal services and programs. Free drop-off services include accepting household recyclables, paint, batteries, motor oil, fluorescent lights, electronics, computers and residential tires. For more information call 937-225-4999. 

Sorry, the City of Dayton does not provide recycling service for commercial customers.