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If you live in the city of Dayton, it's FREE and EASY to recycle at home! 

It costs you nothing and it is as easy as tossing newspapers, plastic bottles or other recyclables in a recycling bin instead of a trash can. All you have to do is use your FREE City of Dayton recycling bin (you can choose the 96-gallon “Big Bin” or the 32-gallon “Lil’ Bin"). 

Recycling saves more than just the environment--it saves the community lots of money, too. It costs the City of Dayton $38.25 for every ton of regular garbage sent to a landfill. However, there is no cost for us to dispose of our recycling products. As our community recycles more, the City further reduces its landfill costs and helps taxpayers save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year!  

All it takes is more participation by people like you!

Here's how to get your FREE recycling bin (sizes 32- or 96-gallon):

Use our interactive map to find out when your property's recycling is collected.


  Some Easy Guidelines:

Recycle plastics coded 1 through 7 

Recycle newspapers, magazines, cardboard and any paper products not soiled by food or liquids. Also, bottle and cans.

... No food or liquids should be included

... Rinse containers before recycling

... Remove caps and lids before recycling

 ... Place recycling containers at least 5 feet from waste containers on pickup day.

 The Montgomery County Solid Waste District accepts household recyclables, paint, batteries, motor oil, fluorescent lights, electronics, computers and tires from personally owned vehicles. For more information call 937-225-4999. 


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