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Dayton Inventions 

The number of inventions patented by Dayton inventors runs into the thousands.  The following list is a small sample of some of those original and creative ideas that have been approved by the U.S. Patent Office.

airplane ejection seat
all steel propeller
anti-ram raid plinth
artificial heart
artificial kidney
assisted service travel terminals
backpack parachutes
bar code scanner with tool free tower housing assembly
bar code scanner with configurable video modes
beverage line cleaning system
bicycle parking rack
cable retention apparatus
carbonless copy paper
card reader
cargo container for transporting temperature sensitive items
cash register
check deposit at a self-service terminal
cellophane tape
characterization of lenses
chrome plating
collapsible, portable crib
computer-aided patient
disk-writing operations by writing to a data depot prior to an in-place write
computerized electrical
stimulation for paralyzed muscles
data entry device
digital clock
double glass windows
electric cash register
electronic intelligent turn signal control system
electrostatic gyroscope
encrypting keypad module
ethyl (lead) gasoline
farm lighting system
filter cigarettes
fixed-focus headlamps
flatform label laminate
flexible radiator hoses, sweeper hoses
frostproof freezer
fuel storage and dispensing system
garment stretcher
garment with storage pouch
gas mask
glass photographic negatives
heart-lung machine
high-intensity discharge lamp (HID) with underwater lighting systems
high-octane aviation gasoline
human-powered bicycles and wheelchairs for quad and paraplegics
ice cream cone
ice cube tray
incentive stamps
ink jet printer
instant blood-glucose testing
Internet stamp
integrating a data warehouse and a database
joyce lift
laser weapons
“Liberty” engine
loyalty ink methoid
“Mae West” life preserver
mail chute for buildings
media cassette sensing system
manufacturing system
method of administering a milk substitute to critical care animals
micro encapsulation
monitoring systems
mood ring
motorized wheelchair
movable objects in a database
movie projector, movie camera, movie theatre, movie film
multiple arrange continuous ink jet
night serial photography
nuclear-powered heart pacemaker
optical scanner with balanced mirrored spinner
paper sheet handling apparatus
paper skew correcting device
pet food container
plunger with interchangeable handle
pocket closet organizer
portable breathing resuscitator
price tag affixing machines
printing blanket with method for reducing corrison
push-in pull top can
quick process malleable iron
radar detectors
radio-controlled pilot less aircraft
railroad boxcar wheels
railroad jack
relight ignition for jet aircraft
resin coated flexible substrates for printing
ring-pull can opener
room air conditioner
rotary actuator housing
safety glass
secure tag validation
security in a database system
security markers for indicating condition of an item
self-cooled refrigerator
self-service terminal
semi-conductor computer memory
surface ornamentation for a pet food container
space food
space-to-earth photo transmissions
stackable precast concrete stairwell unit
steering system torque sensor
storage battery
stress test electrode
synchronized machine gun fire on airplanes
tactical shotgun grip
tactile position sensor for robots
“tiny time pill”
touch-tone computerized range
totally automatic aircraft landing system
two-cycle diesel engine
two-way shipping labels
universal warning stripe slitting machine
using a remote terminal to conduct assisted self-service transactions at a banking facility
vacuum picking system
wireless security module