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Workforce Development 
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Dayton has long been recognized as a city with a skilled and talented workforce.   Dayton has a vibrant downtown business district, a long history of advanced manufacturing, a high concentration of educational institutions, and world-class artists all working together to create new opportunities for business growth.   The following are just a few of Dayton's many regional workforce development resources.  

Ohio has one of the largest labor pools in the country, with 5.9 million workers.

Please contact us at (937) 333-3634 for more information about Dayton's strong workforce or other business development resources that are available to your company.

The Job Center
The Montgomery County Job Center offers a comprehensive package of services to Dayton employers including a job postings and resume database, private interview rooms, pre-screening and assessment of candidates, no-cost workforce planning and recruitment, job fairs, and a variety of other services. (937) 496-6720

Sinclair Community College, Workforce Development & Corporate Training (SCC)
Sinclair Community College meets the workforce needs of individuals, employers and the community through an array of innovative, high-value, customer-focused programs and services.  The school was recently recognized by the New York Times as "one of the best" community colleges in the nation.  (937) 512-3046

University of Dayton, Career Services (UD)
University of Dayton Career Services has a team of dedicated, caring professionals committed to providing excellent career related resources, programs, services and opportunities. They serve as a connecting point between students, faculty, alumni and employers in an increasingly diverse and globally influenced job market. (937) 229-2045

Wright State University, Career Services (WSU)
Wright State University Career Services facilitates mutually beneficial relationships between employers, faculty and staff, students and alumni in order to meet the dynamic needs of today's workplace.  They provide online job posting and candidate resume review, on-campus recruiting, a flexible co-op and internship program, and student employment job postings. (937) 775-2556.

Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce (DACC)
Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to workforce development as a key component to economic vitality within the Dayton region and provides employers with cost effective and time efficient solutions to their workforce needs. These solutions can be either for business retention, business recruitment, or enhancement of an employer’s staff through training. (937) 226-8254

Southwest Ohio Council for Higher Education  (SOCHE)
SOCHE is a consortium dedicated to advancing higher education through active collaboration, resource and knowledge sharing, and effective professional development programs.  SOCHE's Student Research Program provides research internships for undergraduate and graduate science and engineering students at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the Air Force Institute of Technology.  (937) 258-8890

Ohio Department of Development, Division of Workforce & Talent (ODOD)
The ODOD Workforce and Talent Division is committed to supporting Ohio's most valuable asset: our workers. The Division connects Ohio's economic development and workforce development resources at the state, regional, and local levels. These initiatives offer financial assistance for training, provide reimbursement for instructional costs, materials, and training-related activities, and create opportunities for internships designed to expand Ohio's high-tech capabilities and create high-paying jobs.  (937) 285-6191

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Bureau of Labor Market Information (LMI)
The Bureau of Labor Market Information collects, analyzes and publishes labor force, occupational, industry, unemployment rate, unemployment claims and training data. A major portion of the Bureau's work consists of administration of federal-state statistical programs.  (614) 752-9494

Ohio Workforce Guarantee Program (OWG)
The Ohio Workforce Guarantee Program supports companies making investments in facilities, equipment and training that result in the retention and creation of jobs. The OWG pays for a portion of instructor salaries, materials, travel and special needs. Most types of training associated with an investment project are eligible.

Please contact us at (937) 333-3634 for more information about Dayton's vital workforce.



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