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Construction Codes 

The City of Dayton’s Division of Building Inspection uses the following State and National codes:

            Commercial Structures:                   2011 Ohio Building Code

            Residential Structures:                    2013 Residential Code of Ohio

            Plumbing Code:                                2011 Ohio Plumbing Code

            Mechanical Code:                             2011 Ohio Mechanical Code

            Electric Code:                                    2011 National Electric Code

            Energy Code:                                    2009 International Energy Conservation Code
                                                                         or 2004 ASHRAE 90.1

            Fuel Gas Code:                                2009 International Fuel Gas Code

Note: The above codes may be accessed by following this link:  

Additional Codes:

            Fire Alarm Code:                              2010 National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72)

            Sprinkler Code:                                2010 NFPA-13

            Flood Damage                                 2011 Ohio Building Code and City of Dayton R.C.G.O. #152

            Prevention Regulations:                 Division 3 Floodplain District Regulations

            Air Base Zoning Regulations:       1997 Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Zoning Regulations