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Building Permit Forms 
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In the City of Dayton, there are various types of building permits. These permits are licenses that grant legal permission to start construction. Building permits are the means the City of Dayton uses to reduce potential hazards and unsafe construction practices thereby ensuring the public health, safety and welfare. 

Permits, Forms & Applications

 Mechanical Application

Conduct electrical, heating, gas, plumbing, sewer or water work.


 Building/Zoning Application

Apply for one of the following permit types: building, zoning, fire alarm or suppression.


 Wrecking Permit Application

Use this application to pursue a demolition project.


Sign Permit Application
Erect or install a sign on your property.

Tent Permit Application

Erect a tent on your project.

Zoning Verification Request
Complete application for information, research and documentation.


Use the forms below to register your contracting services with the City of Dayton. Both registration and bond forms must be completed for each respective contractor work.


Contractors Registration and Bond Forms

Electrical Contractor:

Registration Form

Bond Form


Warm Air Heating Contractor:

Registration Form

Bond Form


Plumbing Contractor:

Registration Form

Journeyman and Apprentice Registration Form

Bond Form

Journeyman Exam Application


Pipe-laying Contractor:

Registration Form

Bond Form



Registered Contractors Lists