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FAQ - Zoning Permits 

 Question  Answer
Q:  What are the application requirements for a Zoning Certificate (permit)?

Answer:  For the construction or alteration of single family-dwellings, two-family dwellings and accessory uses, the application shall include:

  • The completed application form, along with the application fee as established by City commission.
  • Three (3) copies of a general vicinity map.
  • Three (3) copies of a plot plan legibly drawn to a readable scale, based on an accurate survey, and showing the following:
  1. North arrow.
  2. Property boundary lines and the exact dimensions of the lot to be built upon or used.
  3. Right-Of-Way of adjacent streets and alleys.
  4. Location, dimensions, height, and bulk of all structures to be erected or altered.
  5. The existing and intended use(s) of all land, buildings and structures.
  6. Dimensions of yards, driveways, and parking areas.
  7. Location and use of buildings and adjoining lots within ten(10) feet of all surrounding or bounding property lines.
  8. Location and dimensions of any easements and use of the easement.
  9. Existing and proposed driveways, water mains, valve boxes, fire hydrants, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, manholes, retention/detention basins, gas mains, electric power and telephone/communication facilities, and other related structures above and below grade.
  10. Any other pertinent data as may be necessary to determine and provide for the administration and enforcement of this Zoning Code.

If you have any questions, please contact Zoning Administration at (937)333-3887.

Q:  What are the site plan submission requirements for an application for a Minor or Major Site design review?  Answer: See Section 150.115.6 of the Zoning Code. If you have questions, please contact Zoning Administration at (937) 333-3887.
Q:  Can I place my garage in the front yard?  Answer: All detached garages shall only be located in the rear yard. When a garage has vehicular access from an alley, the garage shall be set back twenty-four (24) feet from the edge of the right-of-way on the opposite side of the alley.
Q:  Is a permit required to build a shed at my home?  Answer:  A site plan is required at the time of application for a residential shed. The shed may not be located less than five (5) feet from the rear property line and shall comply with the minimum side yard setback requirements for the principle structure. A residential shed is only permitted in the rear yard. See "What are the application requirements for a Zoning Certificate (permit)? above, and Section 150.305.5 of the Zoning Code "Accessory use regulations".
 Q:  Do I need a permit for a residential fence and what are the general height requirements?  Answer:  A permit is not required for residential fences. However, fence placement, materials, and height must comply with the Zoning Code. See section 150.305.5(I) of the Zoning Code. If you have questions, please contact Zoning Administration at (937) 333-3887.
 Q:  Is a permit required for a deck?  Answer:  Yes. A site plan must be included in the permit application. See "What are the application requirements for a Zoning Certificate (permit)? above. If you have questions, please contact Zoning Administration at (937) 333-3887.
Q:  How do I obtain a sign permit? Answer: See the Sign Permit Application on this website. If you have questions, please call Zoning Administration at (937) 333-3887.
Q:  What are the requirements for real estate signs located in residential zoning districts?

Answer: A real estate sign shall be located ONLY on the premises to which the sign pertains and may require sign permits. Real estate signs CANNOT be placed at street intersections directing people to the interior of the neighborhood or at any location except for the property that is for sale. Real estate signs are temporary signs, see section 150.900.14(c) of the Zoning Code. If you have any questions, please contact Zoning Administration at (937) 333-3887. 

Q:  Are there any signs that are prohibited within the City of Dayton corporate limits?

Answer: Yes. The following are prohibited in the City:

  • Any sign attached or otherwise applied to trees, bus shelters, utility poles, benches,trash receptacles, or other structures located in the public right-of-way without the City's permission.
  • Any movable sign over twenty (20) square feet, inflatable signs and tethered balloons, pennants, streamers, spinners and other similar types of attention-getting devices, except for changeable copysign when in compliance with the applicable regulations.
  • Any signs on structures that are stacked on top of one another or that are attached side-by-side.
  • Roof signs, except roof signs shall be permitted in the CBD when the signage is located on the panels screening mechanical equipment. For the purposes of determining conformance with the regulations, a roof sign in the CBD shall be considered a building sign.
  • Merchandise, equipment, products, vehicles, or other items not themselves for sale and placed for attention-getting, identification, or advertising purpose.
Frequently Asked Questions about Zoning (FAQs)