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Property Disclosure 
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All residential property transfers or sales within the city of Dayton are required to include a "disclosure of open violation" notice. The City Commission approved the Ordinance to ensure that code violations are resolved or acknowledged before a property changes hands.

The new law requires both the buyer and seller of any residential property to file a Certificate of Disclosure with the Housing Inspection Division. This disclosure form must be filed with the Housing Inspection Division regardless of whether there are any outstanding violation notices on the property. Any open violation notices must be disclosed so that they can be corrected prior to the sale or it confirms that the buyer is agreeing to make the listed repairs.

Click the link below to view the Disclosure Ordinance. To find the current nuisance status of a particular property or to request information about open violation notices, please contact Housing Inspection at 937-333-3977.

Property Disclosure Database

Disclosure Ordinance


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