Street, Public Works & Water Projects

The City of Dayton typically has several street or water system projects occurring at any given time. Below are the current or upcoming construction projects requiring potential closings and detours. If you have questions about construction projects or road closings that might affect your property, please contact the Division of Civil Engineering at 937-333-3840, or email Keith Steeber. View other area road construction projects at the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) an online resource showing real-time traffic conditions.

Vectren Energy will replace miles of pipeline in the Dayton region in 2017, including areas throughout the city of Dayton. See a map of current and upcoming projects on Vectren's website.

Current Construction Projects

  • Signal System Upgrade: Replacement of traffic signal controllers citywide. Timing will also be readjusted for driving trends in order to delay and idling vehicles, ultimately resulting in fewer accidents and less air pollution. Uninterruptible power supplies will be installed at busy intersections. Estimated completion: June 2017.

Webster Street Bridge

Webster Bridge Night
  • Valley Street Bikeway Connector, Phase 1: Installation of bike lanes and a bike path on Valley Street, Rita Street and Stanley Avenue. Estimated completion: June 2017.
  • Mallory Spray Park Expansion & Upgrades: Upgrading the spray park and adding playground equipment at Mallory Park. Estimated completion: June 2017.
  • Walnut Hills Park Improvements: Installation of volleyball courts. Estimated completion date: July 2017.
  • Wayne Avenue Resurfacing: From Fifth Street to Keowee Street. Estimated completion: July 2017.
  • Cleveland Park Bikeway Connector: Construction of a bikeway from Steve Whalen Boulevard through Highland Park and Cleveland Park to Cleveland Avenue. Estimated completion: September 2017.
  • Harshman Road Bridge Replacement: Montgomery County is replacing this bridge over the Mad River in Dayton, near the entrance to Eastwood MetroPark. Estimated completion: October 2017.
  • Third Street Improvements: Installation of bump-outs at Perry and Third and at St. Clair and Third; installation of transportation enhancements along Merchant's Row on Jefferson, Third, St. Clair and Fourth. Estimated completion: October 2017.
  • I-75 Bridge Replacement: The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) are replacing bridges of northbound I-75 to eastbound and westbound U.S. 35. Estimated completion: October 2017.
  • U.S. 35 Bridge Rehabilitation: The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is working to replace wearing surface of bridge decks. Estimated completion: October 2017.
  • Wyoming Street Reconstruction: From Colby Lane to Brown Street. Estimated completion: November 2017.
  • Gettysburg Avenue Transportation Enhancements: Installation of transportation enhancements from Kammer to Fairbanks. Estimated completion: November 2017.
  • Webster Street Bridge: Construction a new bridge over the Mad River in downtown Dayton, just north of Monument Avenue. The new $10.1 million span is funded largely by state and federal sources and replaces a 100-year old structure. It will feature wider sidewalks, observation decks and enhanced lighting (see rendering). As a result of construction, traffic is detoured, with Monument Avenue and Keowee Street suggested as alternatives. Estimated completion: December 2017.
  • Helena Street Bridge Replacement: A new bridge will be installed at Helena Street over the Great Miami River. It will be built by the Eagle Bridge Company at a cost of approximately $6 million and will include wider sidewalks and improved lighting. Estimated completion: December 2017.
  • Levitt Pavilion Dayton: Construction of an entertainment venue at Dave Hall Plaza. Estimated completion: January 2018.
  • Wayne Avenue Reconstruction: From Wilmington Avenue to Phillips Avenue. Estimated completion: January 2018.
  • Madden Golf Course Tee Box Renovations: Enlarging and configuring tee boxes at Madden Golf Course. Estimated completion: January 2018.
  • Valley Street Reconstruction: Reconstruction of Valley Street from Rita Street to Stanley Avenue. Estimated completion: October 2018.