1. Aviation

    Visit the Dayton International Airport's website to find information for travelers, businesses, about the airport, and more.

  2. Building Inspection

    The Division of Building Inspection is primarily responsible for the enforcement of commercial and residential building construction codes.

  3. Civil Service Board

    The Civil Service Board's mission is to provide the best candidates for employment and promotion within the City of Dayton.

  4. Communications & Public Affairs

    The Office of Communications and Public Affairs manages various communication functions for the City of Dayton organization.

  5. Economic Development

    The Office of Economic Development

  6. Finance

    The Department of Finance provides financial management of taxpayer resources, receives and disburses all cash, and links the City with the banking community by managing City investments.

  7. Fire

    The Dayton Fire Department is dedicated to the safety of everyone who lives, works, visits and plays in the City of Dayton.

  8. Human Relations Council

    Established in 1962 by the Dayton City Commission, the Dayton Human Relations Council enforces civil rights; provides business and technical assistance to minority-owned, woman-owned and small disadvantaged businesses; and administers community relations initiatives that promote and maintain peace, goodwill and harmony; assists in reducing inter-group tensions, and ensures equality of treatment and opportunity to all who live, work, play, and gather in the City of Dayton.

  9. Human Resources

    The Department of Human Resources is a staff support agency which provides direct customer service to employees, managers, and unions of the City of Dayton.

  10. Law

    The Department of Law provides legal advice and counsel to the City Manager, Commissioners and Directors of the City of Dayton.

  11. Management & Budget

    The Office of Management and Budget assists the City Manager in the allocation of fiscal, organizational, human and tangible resources for the City government.

  12. Municipal Court

    The Dayton Municipal Court was created in 1913 by the Ohio State Legislature and began its judicial operation in 1914, serving the citizens in the boundaries of the City of Dayton, Ohio.

  13. Planning & Community Development

    The Department of Planning and Community Development helps shape public policy through development of the City of Dayton's Comprehensive Plan, as well as through neighborhood and downtown initiatives and planning.

  14. Police

    We are committed to serving the community through effective, thorough and conscientious law enforcement.

  15. Public Works

    The Department of Public Works provides core public services for the safety and convenience of the citizens of Dayton.

  16. Purchasing

    The Department of Central Services is responsible to provide internal support services to other City Departments and agencies.

  17. Recreation & Youth Services

    Dayton residents and visitors -- kids, teens, families, singles and seniors -- enjoy a variety of recreation, leisure and wellness activities provided daily by the Department of Recreation and Youth Services.

  18. Water

    The Department of Water provides high quality, potable water, wastewater treatment, and storm water services which meet or exceed all regulatory requirements and community environmental concerns in the most cost-effective manner for the health, safety, welfare, and economic stability of the community.

  19. Zoning Administration

    The City of Dayton’s Zoning Administration function plays an important role in the physical development of the community.